Dear family,

My story begins with dancing and performing for myself - a journey that has manifested into a phenomena much greater than anything I could have dreamed of. When I started dancing in my living room and at middle school cafeteria dances, never did I imagine the experiences I would accumulate: traveling across the country to train with astounding choreographers, assisting Vic Mensa and Ian Eastwood with their Lollapalooza set, and the most unexpected - being an inspiration for those around me to pursue whatever it may be that makes them genuinely smile.

Dance has helped me fight my battles and continues to push me to find more confidence in myself; the ability to find my own rhythm allows me to connect with my surroundings on a more profound level. Storytelling, vulnerability, and authenticity are factors that contribute to the way I move and tell my story to the outside world.


I aspire to inspire.


JCA is my invitation to you: join me on this journey as I continue to find myself as an artist, human-being, and inspiration. I strive to create a space for creatives to flourish. JCA is not only a company, but a community of positivity where honing your true potential is the goal and obtaining your goals is possible.  

I hope to make you feel something! Laugh, cry, or smile, but most importantly find a deeper meaning behind what you love in life. It’s not about likes, comments, shares, or popularity, but the quality, intentions, and pure feelings behind what moves you.

No matter what it is, be mindful of what you devote your energy to, and enjoy it unapologetically. At the end of the day, you make yourself happy, and when that’s your focus, nothing can stop you.